New Year. New You.


In August 2016, my personal and professional life changed forever and I decided it was time to be brave and live my truth, even if it meant living it alone. I’d be lying if I said since then I sleep well, eat right, and get up smiling every day. Instead, I choose to step out of bed, to take a deep breath, and to keep going. Living with anxiety and fear is not living. But I’m learning to embrace life and make good choices.

2017 was a year of growth. It took all my strength and courage to get through it. Life is more difficult when people don’t understand and they question your choices because they are used to seeing the facade. I have friends and family who have shown me unconditional love and support. And, I have friends and family who are simply trying to wrap their brains around my choices and the changes coming in 2018. Most days I smile because I know I’m doing the right things in my life. I’m trying to make better choices – to eat right, take care of myself, be a good role model for my son, be true to myself. I’ve been blessed with an amazing son who perseveres during our family transition. I’ve made new friends, expanded my career, and learned a lot about inner strength.

So here’s to 2018, to living a life of compassion and good choices. Here’s to being a better version of myself, for my health and for my son. Here’s to a year of love and happiness, a year of challenges and finding strength, a year of growth and expression, and a year to break away from fear and live the life God has granted me.

Thank you to my son, my parents, my siblings, my cousins, and my friends. Thank you to Cynthia, Steven, Miguel, Lynn, Christopher, and Ray. Thank you to Jenny, Kate, David, Dave, Rose, Cathy, DK, and my ABOS family. All of you have made life a little easier and have shown me light in the darkness.

Being a librarian and helping others is my drive and my passion. Being a writer is who I am at the core. Thank you for all who read my words and encourage me.

And as always, I’m here to help.



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  1. I have learned so much from you, and you are a true inspiration as you find your way thru this difficult transition, with grace, and with compassion. Always here for you.

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