I stumbled into myself

No matter what your hobby, craft, or passion – in order to showcase your talent, be true to yourself. Sometimes people say they want to ‘find their voice’ or they are trying to figure out what they are good at doing. The truth is we are trying to discover who we are.

Here are some steps that can help anyone seeking this next step in their lives.

  1. Listen.
  2. Observe.
  3. Develop.

Try these exercises. Sit still, listen, observe.

  • At home, turn off the TV, music, etc. Sit in a place you are relaxed.
  • In nature, sit in a place you can listen without too much interruption from people.
  • At work, take a break and sit in a place you can observe people.

Listen. What do you hear? What sounds have you heard before? What sounds are new? Observe. Do you find your mind wandering? How do you feel? Are your other senses more alive? What do you smell? What do you see?

The first time I tried sitting still in nature and listening, I judged a squirrel. Yes, you read that correctly. I judged a squirrel. Instead of just listening to, watching, soaking in that the squirrel was gathering food, I was wondering why the squirrel seemed to be running in circles with little food gathering success. Then I asked myself why I thought I knew better than the squirrel. Once I truly payed attention, I understood the food gathering technique. Judging people is natural. It’s in our survival DNA so we can make quick decisions. How often are you judging people or a situation that doesn’t require our judgment? That is the real question. That is how we can change and grow.

Take the exercises a step further. Write, draw, photograph what you have listened to and observed. Do you think what you craft would be different than a person who is with you and have observed the same thing? Of course! Why is this? We have lived different lives, have had different experiences, and have different values. Judge less. Practice acceptance. Discover your craft by trying new things and listening to yourself.

I remember my third-grade teacher pulling me aside and telling me she thought I would be a great writer one day and encouraged me to write. I had four other teachers, along the way, tell me the same. I would write poems. I would journal. I would write plots for future stories. Once school was over, I rarely picked up a pen but often longed for inspiration to write. When I decided to go back to school for my master’s degree, I had opportunities thrust upon me (school work) to begin writing again. And when I was done with my degree, I decided it was time to put my experiences and my expertise out there. Starting this blog was both scary and fun. I struggle with each post and yet have such joy each time I learn that I have reached someone, helped someone.

Look up. Breathe. The sun will shine.


Today I was inspired by a friend who reminded me that life is a journey – a beautiful path that can turn out well if you take one day at a time, you keep moving forward. Take time to laugh. To listen. To enjoy.




Every day. A gift. A chance.


Spend time doing what comes natural. If you are a writer, write. If you are a photographer, photograph. If you are a painter, paint. Have fun. Find inspiration. Try new things. Practice. Guess what will happen when you find yourself doing what comes naturally?


You will stumble into yourself.




I hope you stumble into yourself. Let me know what inspires you. 

~I’m Here To Help


I take photos of the sky to remind myself how beautiful our world can be.


The beauty of the sunrise. Hope. New day.



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