How have you coped with being an essential or being categorized as a non-essential? In case you don’t know it, you are essential. Each of us plays a role in this world. Continue to support your families, follow your passions, live your dream and do what you need to accomplish while we are blessed to be here.

That being said. If you are debating on a career or career change, pay attention to who is currently working. Also pay attention to how different companies are taking care of their employees. Some had to lay off their staff but are still doing what they can to help their employees out. It might be time to update your resume. I can help you with that!

Whether you are isolated or on the front lines, how are you coping? I was listening to Dr. Phil and Dr. Amen talk about taking care of your mental health being a vital part of staying healthy. “Mental hygiene (watch your thoughts) is just as important as physical hygiene” -Dr. Amen. I encourage you to read and watch what they have to say as it makes a lot of sense. Especially in these stressful times, take steps to keep your brain healthy. If for no other reason than, it will help your immune system.

I’m humbled to hear from people saying they are reading my blog again for inspiration. That is heart-warming and why I reach out to people. I try to help. Here’s one that might help while we are feeling isolated: It’s How You Look At It. I’ve been reading what people are suggesting for isolation. At this point, even the introverts must be going a little stir crazy. I think it helps to have a routine and to not put too many expectations on yourself. Give yourself a break. I make it a point to accomplish at least one thing every few hours – even if that is finishing a movie or filing a bill. That helps me feel like I’m doing something and not wasting my life.

I’ve been working on gathering resources. Everyone probably needs something a little different. Some people are wanting to utilize this period to finish home projects. While others are catching up on Netflix and Amazon. Some are doing more family time activities and some are taking virtual tours. There are thousands of virtual experiences and events taking place. Go find one to enjoy. Dare to dream. Walk outside of your comfort zone and embrace the opportunity. Whatever you decide to do with your time, know it’s okay. Take care of you and yours. That is the point.


~I’m here to help


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There are plenty of LIVE zoo chats, virtual museum tours, and interactive educational opportunities online. Authors are performing storytimes, artists are having drawing and painting classes, comedians are bringing us comedy, and you can catch a play. Again, online opportunities are plenty! Don’t forget to spend time reading, playing, walking, cooking, learning, and enjoying nature. Plan a routine. Then be flexible with it.

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