Transform in 2017

It’s the new year and I’ve been thinking about how we transform, how we evolve. My son has enjoyed playing Pokémon since he was 5. I especially  like it since this game is the reason he enjoys reading. Evolution, as explained by the Pokémon database, “is a key part of the Pokémon games. Evolving Pokémon makes them stronger and often gives them a wider movepool.” Interesting how evolution is the same for us in the human world – it makes us stronger, offers new learning opportunities, and gives us a larger view of life.

Some people believe in resolutions. I like to think you can resolve to make changes and create new beginnings anytime you are ready for them. One of the posts I keep seeing this past week speaks to getting off the couch and not waiting for life to begin. If you want something, you need to make the change, you have to be the one to smile through the hard times, you have to be the positive light in a negative situation. Challenge yourself to listen, observe, learn, and grow. Challenge yourself to go out more, pick up a new book, or find a new hobby. Create opportunities for yourself. Discover what you love. Reconnect with nature. Look up an old friend. Meet people who touch your soul. Evolve!

More than anything, I enjoy reading self-help books and blogs. I use this overload of information to evolve. Here are some of the things I have put in place, as I evolve in 2017, and hope you can find some tidbits for yourself within:

  • I’ve been told I am similar to the movie/book character, Walter Mitty. We share an extraordinary imagination and have a hard time stepping outside our comfort zone until we need to help someone. Like Walter Mitty, I love to look at the world through photographs. I love to take pictures, not be in them. In 2016, I set on a quest to take more photos of myself and to do more of the things I wanted to do. I take photos of myself in nature, at library conferences, out with friends, at work, etc. live-with-intention
  • I call friends. Did you know Panera Bread has a great soup and salad/sandwich special? I’ve become a fan because it’s healthier eating and a great place to catch up with friends. It’s quiet enough to hear each other and noisy enough to speak your mind. A word of caution, the hours fly by there.
  • I unplug and reconnect through mindfulness and meditation. I enjoy nature. And I go to the indoor pool for water walking and swimming whenever I can.
  • I write. I joined a writing club. It’s my goal to write every day. I use my Walter Mitty imagination when writing for myself. What an inspirational thought that one day one of my daydreams will be published.a-story
  • We all want to live the best life we can, as long as we can. I’m almost halfway to my weight loss goal. Richard Simmons taught me to keep moving. Dr. Travis Stork taught me what you put in your mouth matters. Dr. Phil McGraw taught me that you make your choices because there is a payoff.
  • I lead with my heart and stood in line too many times when feelings were being handed out. I have been working on being more logical – thinking more instead of letting feelings overwhelm me. This has helped me understand that everyone doesn’t feel and think the same way I do.
  • I’ve been allowing my imagination to explore the real world. Dare to dream. As one of the blog posts I enjoy reading stated “If you never roll the dice, you’ll never know how far you can go.”
  • I worry less by reaching out to others to talk about what has me worried. This is a concept called Outsource Your Worry from a book by M.J. Ryan. “…each of us tends to worry in the places we need the most support…we worry because we don’t have easy answers in the types of thinking where we are not strong” (page 233).
  • Spend time loving what you are doing. I love spending time with my son, with friends, meeting new people, writing, and taking on new opportunities. I also enjoy cleaning because it clears the cobwebs from my mind and does a world of good for my soul too.

We don’t have Nurse Joy to give us the power we may need. But we each have more inner strength than we realize. Find your inner strength and courage to make changes in your life. Some days putting one step in front of the other is the best we can do. I believe as long as we are moving forward, it doesn’t matter how big of a step it is. We do what we can. Find support and move forward.

Listen to yourself, nature, and those around you. Communicate better. Find your creative side. Worry less. Spend time with loved ones. Dream. Live with passion. Be kind. Find courage. Learn and grow. Evolve!

~I’m here to help


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