News for newbies

Are you new at your job?  Or, have you been in your field for years and have to learn a new skill? Congratulations!  You’re a newbie.

We are all new at things when we are first learning them.  Sure, we want to put our best foot forward and be confident. Just remember – we have some learning to do first.

Here are some tips to make the learning process a bit easier.

First tip: listen and learn.  Even if you are a seasoned employee, taking time to listen and observe really makes a difference. Observe your co-workers and your customers.  Take a breath before you speak.

Second tip: ask questions.  What is this? Why is it done this way?  Who is in charge of this?  Asking questions to clarify what your task is and how it is done will not only make your life easier, it will show your trainer (or co-worker) that you understand.  Communication is key to success.

Third tip: relax and fit in.  Make a good first impression.  You want to be part of the team. Dress appropriately.  Show up to work on time and work your full day.  Take the initiative with input.  Don’t mix personal life with your professional life. Don’t gossip.  Smile and be friendly. You don’t want to seem stressed and tense or too eager.

Fourth tip: soak it all in and take notes.  How would you do the task or job if no one gave you any instructions?  During your first few months, take notes and jot down ideas.  Once you feel you have a true understanding of what you are learning, jump in with your thoughts.  Prior to that, be a sponge.

Fifth tip: focus on the experience, the journey.  Remember why you took the job or took on the task. Track your progress and set goals.  After you are comfortable, seek out a mentor. Network with your peers.

purple path

Listen and learn.  Focus and adapt.  Take initiative.  Take direction and guidance well.  Enjoy the journey.

~I’m here to help.

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