Time flies. Time passes. Time gets away from us. Time is precious. Time is short. Time to move on. Time to heal. Time to start again. Time.

Time is on my mind.

It’s been over 500 days since I wrote on my blog that I started in July 2015. I had poured myself into it, as I do with everything I set my mind to. Then life happened. All too much. All too fast. I had more tragedies in a short period of time than anyone should have in a lifetime. And I stopped writing. Slowly I’m regaining the bits of me that scattered. I’m tired of feeling suppressed because of the things that happened (Why). We need to share joy and sorrow to grow as humans.  I’m holding on to what I have learned along the way and I keep going (Keep Moving). I appreciate our short time here and I strive to live my best life.

In August 2016, I decided to wake up and embrace being me (People). I’ve learned more about myself and tolerance over the past four years than any time in my life. I have had amazing experiences that helped me hold it together. My son is halfway done with high school, a gaming tournament winner, and overall amazing young man. We have been traveling together, learning along the way and having so much fun! I love my library Outreach Services job (Outreach) and getting to work with service-centered people. In 2018, I held the President’s office for the Association of  Bookmobile and Outreach Services and had the privilege to speak at several conferences throughout the nation. I am the co-creator/co-chair of a library organization, Serving Patrons with Dementia, which is a best practices in the nation. Working with the Alzheimer’s Association, neurologists, passionate librarians, and my patrons with dementias have changed how I view illness. I enjoy several library association memberships and get to embrace my career with like-minded people. I created a Dating Over 50 program at my Library and am excited to have this fun and insightful monthly program since 2017 (as featured in the Chicago Tribune article “Forget meeting IRL”). I also started teaching – a lifelong dream of mine. I have met wonderful people who have helped me grow. So yes, I’m a mom, friend, librarian, teacher, and writer. Each are a part of me. Each fulfill my time here.

I find it difficult to write unless I can speak freely. Even when I’m writing or speaking based on research, there is always the human element brought into everything I do.  It’s time to write again, speak again. It’s time to let go of the tragedies and breathe fully. I started this blog because I knew I could help people. I’m excited to share about the topics I have researched and move beyond the silence of the tragedies.

What have we talked about that you want me to write about? I can’t wait to get started and tell you all the good that has been going on!

~I’m here to help

deep breaths

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