Need more job hunting tips? It can be overwhelming. Here are a few.

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Based on my readings in 2015, there are overall 5 skills you need in finding a job in today’s market.
You need to:

  1. Be an exceptional communicator – who listens and conveys information effectively both verbally and in writing.
  2. Be able to demonstrate analytical thinking – identify, review, improve, and streamline processes.
  3. Be computer literate – the more you know, the easier you will find a job.
  4. Be a team player – juggle concurrent projects, effectively prioritize, and be flexible.
  5. Bring your everyday life skills. Again, the more you know, the better your work relationships and interpersonal skills will be.

I’d like to add – be kind.  You’ll get further (with a team, a boss, or your employees) if you can get along with others. Try not to judge or take things personally and your professional life will be smoother.


Check out your local library.  They typically have great resources on their websites or in the library.  Most still keep up-to-date with print resources on this topic too.

White Oak Library Careers & Employment

Plainfield Public Library Job Seekers

Berwyn Public LIbrary Career Center

Check out your local college or your alma mater’s websites.
Of course I have to plug my two alma maters: DeVry & UWM.

DeVry University Career Resources website has everything from “Assess Your Aptitude for Different Careers” to “Online Career Assessment Tools” to “Salary Surveys” to “Be Well Prepared to Land the Job”.  You will want to check out “Job Search Tips” for cover letters, resumes, and interviewing tips.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Career Planning & Resource Center is a comprehensive website with great links and tips in their “Career Planning and Resource Center”.  The link directs you to their resume section.  The quick links on the top of the page covers many more job hunting information.

More?  Yes!

I referred fellow classmates to OWL during my master studies.  Some of my professors concurred, while others didn’t know about the resource.  The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University is an amazing resource whether you are writing a paper or resume.  Here’s the link directly to resume writing:  OWL

The Steiner Education Group has great resources for those looking for a job in any field. SEG Career Services
if you Google “seg career services power phrases” a link for a document will appear in your search return.  It is filled with pages of resume power phrases just about anyone can use.

Even More? Yes!

If you want to read more, the Huffington Post has many updated articles about resumes, job hunting, and interview tips.

My Pinterest Board:  Job Skills & the Hunt has many links related to schools and the work world.

Of course there are always more resources and tips.  But this is already an overwhelming start.

~I’m here to help