How old are you? Take time to play, color, and have fun.


I believe in having fun – in everything I do. It helps with boredom, anxiety, and stress. It would be great to have adult playtime along side child playtime events at the library. Crafts, painting, book clubs, movies, coloring therapy…. why not? Sounds like fun and little stress. Go to your library, join an online group, plan an outing with friends, or take some time at home. Groupon has great deals for social painting, wine tasting, and other fun activities.

There are studies showing how important embracing the inner child helps our psyche.

April 9, 2015 by Jared Keller “The Psychological Case for Adult Play Time: Coloring books and ball pits are much-needed therapy for the inner child in all of us” – read about it at: Inner Child article.

March 24, 2015 by Rachel Pomerance Berl “Coloring books for grown-ups can ease stress and calm one’s inner child” – read about it at: Calm the Inner Child article

Amazon and Barnes and Noble sell coloring books, doodle books, drawing books, etc. for adults. Take some time for your inner child and see if you feel any better in your adult mind.

The pictured featured here is a paint-by-number I enjoyed creating.

~I’m here to help