Putting my service model into words – PCCM

I hold a service philosophy close to my heart.  Over eight years ago, I started putting this service model into words.  I call it PCCM. Many stores have shifted their focus to customer service and can easily fit into this service model.   No matter if you work in a library, in a grocery store, a … Continue reading Putting my service model into words – PCCM


Reinventing Yourself

This has been my hardest post to write so far.  I think it's because I am looking for my next adventure and I'm stuck.  I spend a lot of time checking off things I've wanted to accomplish. I finished my master degree.  I went on short vacation for my anniversary.  I bought myself a bicycle … Continue reading Reinventing Yourself

Need more job hunting tips? It can be overwhelming. Here are a few.

Based on my readings in 2015, there are overall 5 skills you need in finding a job in today’s market. You need to: Be an exceptional communicator – who listens and conveys information effectively both verbally and in writing. Be able to demonstrate analytical thinking – identify, review, improve, and streamline processes. Be computer literate … Continue reading Need more job hunting tips? It can be overwhelming. Here are a few.

Here To Help

I offer advice and assistance to people on a daily basis.  And I kept thinking, I wish I could put my knowledge and resources in one logical place.  I love my library world.  I began as a library shelver on my 18th birthday, never stepping into a public library before.  I didn't know anything about … Continue reading Here To Help