Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is a phrase I often hear in my profession.  It's a basic belief that you can take advantage of opportunities, formally and informally, and to learn at any age.  Lifelong learning is both for professional and personal fulfillment, to improve yourself, your knowledge, and your skills. Libraries offer the perfect venue for these … Continue reading Lifelong Learning


The Elevator Speech

Whenever I think of an elevator speech, I think of the elevator at my library.  The library is two floors - main floor and lower level.  When I take the elevator, I ask patrons to press "5th floor".  People usually respond by hesitating, laughing, or they look confused.  The best response was from a man … Continue reading The Elevator Speech

Partnerships: A Marketing Opportunity

Marketing is a vast world.  For the purpose of this article, marketing is how we communicate what we do and build that message with others. There are many different types of marketing and ways of reaching our customers:  in-person marketing, email marketing, paper marketing, social media and website marketing, etc.  One of the many ways we … Continue reading Partnerships: A Marketing Opportunity

You landed an interview. Now what?

Each interview process is different - depending on the industry, depending on the employer.  You prepared a cover letter, a resume, and possibly more to get to the interview part of the application process.  If you haven't already done so, it's time to investigate the company.  Learn as much as you can and prepare to … Continue reading You landed an interview. Now what?

Be Beautiful

Thinking about 2015 and looking forward to 2016. After completing my masters degree in December 2014, I decided to make 2015 a year to figure out how I could utilize my experiences to help others.  I started by offering to help more people - resume assistance and volunteering.  I also wanted to start writing again.  … Continue reading Be Beautiful

When inspiration strikes

Whether you are a writer, a painter, or a librarian - there is nothing like that spark of inspiration.  If you are privileged enough to attend conferences in your field, the part that is most fun is when an idea strikes you and you think "Oh! Yes!  I can...." One of the best parts of … Continue reading When inspiration strikes

Another meeting? Make it a good one.

If you have kids, are involved in your community, or part of an organization - you have meetings to attend.  We are surrounded by meetings at work: one-on-one meetings, coaching sessions, reviews, team meetings, task forces, committees, community meetings, etc. Meetings should have a purpose, those involved should have a reason to be there, and … Continue reading Another meeting? Make it a good one.

Putting my service model into words – PCCM

I hold a service philosophy close to my heart.  Over eight years ago, I started putting this service model into words.  I call it PCCM. Many stores have shifted their focus to customer service and can easily fit into this service model.   No matter if you work in a library, in a grocery store, a … Continue reading Putting my service model into words – PCCM

So you want to be a manager… a good one.

Being a good manager boils down to three points:  Communication, Knowledge, and Honesty.  They are vital - to have buy-in, to be productive, and to solve problems.  Effective managing is a balance between being professional and being human. Honesty.   No matter what level of management, you have to respect the hierarchy.  You are never the … Continue reading So you want to be a manager… a good one.

Stressed? Don’t let your job kill you…

Work can be stressful.  Sometimes a situation can be so horrible, it's incapacitating.  Men and women both perceive and deal with stress differently (see the attached article from WebMD).  But, both sexes need to focus on practical steps.  You are, after all, more than your job.  You deserve to live your life without debilitating stress. … Continue reading Stressed? Don’t let your job kill you…

Can’t swim. But, I’m in the pool.

I really can't swim.  My parents took me for swim lessons at the local YMCA when I was younger.  I remember my cute matching lion swimsuit, being in the wrong swim group, crying, and a shark.  Matching? My sister and I are two years apart and we were often dressed the same. She likes to … Continue reading Can’t swim. But, I’m in the pool.

Where do you start? How about Kindergarten.

I love reading inspirational quotes.  Every now and again, we all need them. They help renew our faith in life, love, and people.  They help put things into perspective.  They help bring meaning back into our lives.  This morning I read and shared a quote from Steve Harvey "There is Joy in the Journey".  I … Continue reading Where do you start? How about Kindergarten.

You’re not alone – when you are part of a team

You're not alone - when you are part of a team - though, sometimes, you may want to be. Teamwork is a popular concept.  During job interviews, the employer tries to figure out if you play nice with others.  When you are in school, you work in groups. Even at home, it's easier to get … Continue reading You’re not alone – when you are part of a team

Smile – even when you don’t want to: customer service

I love to people watch.  But not the creepy kind of people watching.  Just the people fascinate me kind of people watching. I was watching an episode of TNG and I laughed because Data's role in the episode was to be fascinated by people doing ordinary things.  That is so me. And that episode got … Continue reading Smile – even when you don’t want to: customer service

What Outreach means to me…

Outreach simply means reaching out to your community.  You don't have to leave your desk to connect with the community - but it helps. You don't need a bookmobile or a vehicle.  You don't even need to be a librarian. I have learned firsthand from some of my patrons - it is up to us … Continue reading What Outreach means to me…